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The reefsafe way of breeding  
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The "reefsafe" way

We try to fulfill all the fish needs in order not only to survive, but to live in a surrounding which matches nature as much as possible in a confined space. All our tanks are set up as reef tanks with a coral sand, mixture of different soft and stone corals and with suitable fish mates. This includes that our breeding couples did mostly choose their partner out of a group of fish. In our opinion the bonding of a pair is important for a successful reproduction. Of course all our clown fish are kept with an anemone - not always the one they are known to live with in the ocean. A typical tank has one pair of clown fish, a pair / group of cardinal fish and a pair of dottybacks or gobies. With this setup all three fish groups typically breed in one tank where they can show their natural interaction with other fish and with their partner.

Responsible breeding also means that one must apply a strong quality control on the fish ready for market. All tank raised fish which do not match our standards are sorted out. This means that any fish with body deformation like flared gills, stubby heads or jaws or imperfect fins are separated. You probably ask yourself what we do with this non sellable fish? Even for this we found a solution: We keep on tank of predator fish. In our case a pair of Rhinopias frondosa which is responsible for culling. A slightly different story is the so called miss barring from clown fish. In some countries exceptional fish are raising high prices, but here in Europe miss barred fish are difficult to sell. But as they are perfectly healthy fish they deserve to life and are therefore not culled.

Our tank brood stock and our tank raised fish get a mixed diet from frozen mysid shrimps, frozen brine shrimps as well as flakes and pellets. All our tanks are antibiotics free and no medical treatment is applied permanently. In our larvae and grow out system UV appliance is used to keep bacterial growth limited in these crowed tanks.