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News and event log

Here we will present latest news, new species added to our broodstock assortment and new breeding achievements.

August 2009

18.08.09: Due to extend health problems the breeding effort has been stopped, I expect to restart all back in the last quarter 2009.

05.07.09: Our breeding pair of Amphiprion clarkii seems to have turned blind. Absolutely unclear what might have triggered this. All other fish remain fit.

May 2009

13.05.09: As I had to undergo surgery the fish could not get the normal care and an upcomming bacterial infection was diagnosed to late, we lost all our Amphiprion latezonatus juvenile fish to this.

March 2009

15.03.09: New addition to our stock: A wild young pair of Amphiprion bicintus

10.03.09: The female Amphiprion chrysoptherus returned from her medical tank back to the holding tank. As she developed Brooknellia is was needed to treat her.

February 2009

15.02.09: Finally we managed to accquire Amphiprion chrysoptherus in good quality. Female is huge and in excellent shape, male was smaller and weak - he did not make it. So waiting to get hands on a fine male now.

January 2009

28.01.09: Algea issue in the main tank requires action as this algea is crowing into corals, hope the disturbance will not have an impact on the Amphiprion latezonatus spawning.

15.01.09: About 20 Amphiprion latezonatus are post meta now.

03.01.09: Nest number five of Amphiprion latezonatus was placed.

December 2008

31.12.08: About 10 Amphiprion latezonatus larvae left.

27.12.08: We were surprised by a hatch one day earlier than expected. By chance larvae were spotted and about 30 collected.

19.12.08: Nest number four of Amphiprion latezonatus was found.

18.12.08: With five Elacatinus evelynae we will start the next breeding challenge - cleaning gobies.

02.12.08: Third nest of the Amphiprion latezonatus was placed.

November 2008

17.11.08 Eight days after the first nest hatched our couple Amphiprion latezonatus placed the second nest. This time on the live rocks and not on the tile, so pulling is out of the question.

01.11.08: Finally our pair of Amphiprion latezonatus surprised us with their first nest placed. To our best knowledge this is the third reported spawning worldwide and the first one outside of Australia! To understand hatching time and to observe the couple we will not interfer with the nest.