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Seahorses - Hippocampus
Hippocampus zosterae   Hippocampus zosterae

This dwarf seahorse is extremely rare in Europe as it is automatically protected by CITES due to its small size. Most people and shops are afraid of the administrative burden to acquire these wonderful tiny species. Based on a private imitative we received 15 of these seahorses in October 2008 - of course with the correct and legal documents needed.

Although these seahorses are rather easy to breed they require expert care as they need pristine water conditions and twice a day high quality newly hatched brine shrimps. The babies are completely white when born, relatively big compares to the size of the parents or to other Hippocampus fry and will eat immediately newly hatched brine shrimps. As they breed successful we could triple our stock in three month.

Due to its small size they are very vulnerable for any predator. We lost some due to predation of a boxing crab Lybia tesselata before we realized the danger. Also the presence of Gammaridea is a thread for the babies and the smaller sea horses. The feeding with life brine shrimp nauplien increases the risk of pests like Hydractinia sp., Aiptasia sp, Anemonia cf. manjano or Turbellaria sp. Bristle worms are to identified as a potential danger and have been banned from our tank

Do to the intensive care needed this seahorse is recommended for the expert keeper only.